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1. Client experience with NGR
Zolykha was very professional and prompt. I tend to stay up late and sent her addresses of homes I found online late at night not expecting a response until morning but she responded that moment even late hours. When we first started looking for homes it got overwhelming and at times we wanted to just take a break and Zolykha urged us to keep looking and if we took a break we may miss that perfect home. Thank goodness for her great advice because we found our home a few days later. She held our hand through the whole thing, doing many things she did not have to do for us. She made sure we had everything ready before the bank asked for it and when something didn’t seem right she took care of it. I had a relative buy a home with a different realtor shortly after we did and was shocked at the difference in her experience. After buying our home she checks in on us to see how we are settling in and reminds us to get our paper work for taxes and other things that may be coming up. She has helped in finding plumbers, and others to help in turning our house into our home. I don’t think our first time buying a home could have been any more exciting and happy. Zolykha is the one who made it the best experience ever. Which is the way it should be? She is not only our realtor but is now a very dear friend. If anyone is looking to buy a home, contact Zolykha Niksimaee.
Service provided
Helped me buy my first home

1781 Charms Rd, Wixom, MI 4839


2. Client experience with NGR

Zolykha helped me in my house purchasing experience. She is very knowledgeable in the whole process and helps me focus my effort in finding the best house for my budget. She is a caring person that will partner with you in every step of the way. I would highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.

Service provided
Helped me to rent my home 

3145 Erie Dr, Orchard Lake, MI 48324


3. Client experience with NGR
I and my wife definitely recommend Mrs. Zolykha Niksimaee to anyone who is planning to buy a new house. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable about her job and you can count on her in giving you the kind of advises that help you to make decision. In one occasion when we went a couple of hours before our appointment to check out the general area where she was planning to show us a particular house we were surprised when we saw her checking the area to make sure that the area and the community were as good as the house.

Service provided
Helped me buy a home 

22337 Antler Dr, Novi, MI 48375               


4. Client experience with NGR

I was a first time homebuyer and I didn’t know what expect. Zolykha was very knowledgeable and professional. She made sure that I was well-informed every step of the way. She walked me through the whole process and she was there to answer all of my questions. She has given me great advice and I would recommend Zolykha to everyone.


5.Client experience with NGR


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6.Client experience with NGR

Zolykha takes care of her clients. Her resilency to get the job done matches no other. She is committed and confident that all her hard work will pay off in the end and I've seen her instill this in her customers.

I have first hand knowledge because she has workd with both my daughter & daughter-in-laws families helping them settle into new homes. She continues to handle each situation that arises with dignity and self assurance so we can continue with our lives and other situations. We highly recommend her as our favorite agent and family friend.

Service provided
Helped me buy a home 

8990 Elizabeth Lake Rd, White Lake, MI 48386


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